Commercial Construction & Remodeling

We manage commercial construction projects of all sizes and types, from small office buildings to extensive facilities and specialty buildings.

Magnolia Lifestyle Center in Viridian by Westford Builders
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Office Finish-out by Westford Builders

General Contractor

We like to be involved in the process as early as possible because seemingly small decisions have a significant impact on pricing. Our commercial construction services include overall management, consulting, design, planning, structural engineering, permitting, and construction. There is no limit to the design style we can build. Whatever aesthetic you have in mind, we will hit that mark.

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Diligent & Experienced

Diligent and experienced planning means we complete projects on time and within budget, without compromising safety. We've been in business just shy of 40 years, and in all that time, we have a perfect safety record.

Our work in new commercial construction and remodeling includes clubhouse building, police facilities, aircraft hangers, shooting ranges, restaurants, office finish-outs, and retail space finish outs, among many others.

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Office finish-out by Westford Builders
Breakroom in office finishout by Westford Builders

Repeat Business

One tell of a quality construction company is the amount of returning customer work they are hired to do. As their companies grow and evolve, so many of our clients return to us and hire us to build new structures. It's an incredible compliment to our work. It drives home our core business values, "Founded on integrity. Built on relationships."

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