Luxury Custom Homes by Westford Builders

Bringing your dream home to life.

Our Comprehensive Approach

What sets us apart is that we excel in our comprehensive approach to homebuilding. We go beyond asking the right questions. We hear your new home needs and wants then guide you through the complete process from home-site selection through move-in. We remain available throughout the entire warranty period.


The possibilities in luxury home design are endless.
If your question is, "Can we?"
Our answer is, "Of course."


Our homes generally fall into one of three categories:

Houses that Stand Out
Houses that Blend In
Houses that Set The Bar

French Country Kitchen
Southwest Mediterranean home by Westford Builders

Houses that Stand Out

When you drive along and see a home that catches your eye, maybe even causes you to turn around to look at it again, that is a house that stands out. These are the homes that turn heads. We build incredible stand-out homes.

Stand-Out Homes
Custom home by Westford Builders

Houses that Blend In

When building a new home in an established neighborhood, it can be desirable to design it in such a way that it has a cohesive appearance with its surroundings. Another reason is the desire for privacy and to prevent drawing attention to one's expansive home, wealth, or stature. Out of sight from public view, it can be an exceptional and sprawling home, but its appearance is more modest.

Blend-In Homes
French Chateau by Westford Builders

Houses that Set the Bar

The best of the best is the phrase that comes to mind when describing homes that set the bar. These houses are exceptional in their design and materials. They have a grandness and commanding presence. They defy being ignored. We build exquisite set-the-bar homes.

Set-the-Bar Homes